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Roots Reggae, Rub A Dub, Digital Dancehall
Armagiddeon Sound (Of)
Dressla (Jahtari)
Don Sharicon
Doc Dressla


Welcome on board the Yachtklub Liner. It’s your captain speaking, and we are ready to cast off on our maiden voyage through bass and time. First mate Giddeon Bo and second mate Signal Flo from the world renowned Armagiddeon Navigations Academy are on the steering wheels, while helmsman Dressla from Jahtari Nautics sets out the course over dubious depth and rough waters, cutting through unfathomable Sound waves from Roots Reggae to Rub A Dub, from Dubwise to Digithall, from Rockers to Raggamuffin.
Riding upon the crest of the riddim tracks is roughneck veteran Don Sharicon sharing the mic with cheeky champion bubbler Doc Dressla. Live and direct, in a Soundsystem style and fashion, vocal and version, full steam excursion down by the Yardklub station…
Also alle an Bord, Leinen los, Dub Ahoi.
Hannes Doc Dressla